Maya on Linux hangs and cannot be restarted after force quit

Some users have reported that Maya licensing hangs after it has been force quit. Trying to relaunch Maya results in Maya just hanging.

This appears due to Maya's process keeping the adlmmutex file locked (AdlmMutex::Lock). To get around this issue, we can set up the following system variable:


Usually a variable can be setup at system level. But Maya is particularly helpful in letting us set up Maya-specific variables directly in the Maya.env file, to avoid cluttering the system settings with customised variables. Location of Maya.env changes depending on our system. On Linux, it usually is located in either one of these paths:

  • ~/maya/version
  • ~/maya/

More information on how to work with/edit Maya.env file can be found here: Setting environment variables using Maya.env

This workaround can be also found on the Autodesk Knowledge Network

Autodesk Revit Collaboration Suite 2016 activation states that it's Project Concord - License Status [1.1.0]

If you are trying to activate  Revit 2016 from the Autodesk Revit Collaboration Suite, you may get the following error:


Please review this solution to solve the problem.

Thanks to Jeffry Asbury for sharing this tip with the community.

Autodesk Software for Educational Facilities (Free)

I have been getting a lot of calls on how to get a license for an educational facility.  I typically tell them to Google:  Autodesk ARC to get to the Academic Resource Center.  There are 3 videos on how to setup the account, get the license & download the software.

Autodesk ARC

For a school classroom environment:


For students/teachers (1 license for each Autodesk product) valid for 3 years:


If you need Student support, please check out this post:

Revit 2016 Activation Error [1.1.0] from Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 2016

One of our troubleshooting gurus, Avto Chachava solved this activation error [1.1.0] with Revit 2016:

110 error Revit with IDSU

Please review this article to solve your issue:


How do a update license file on server without access to server?

We all know that when we configure a network license manager, we use the Configuration using Services option. We basically need Administrator access on the server to update it. I have not investigated the Configuration using License File until this past week. 

Configuration using License File (2)

What can it do?  It can update license file on server without access to server!  Just review the steps here:

Here is a video demo of the process:

You will need access to the share folder (license file location), update the license file and you can remotely re-read the new updated license file on the server without actually accessing it. A benefit is that you can update an options file parameters when you 're-read'  it.

Thanks to Greg Toews for sharing this tip with the community.


Extracting RPM using 7-Zip


In some rare instances in which you can't use the RPM command to install the Linux Network License Manager [NLM], you can actually download the file on a Windows computer and use 7-zip to open and extract it.


Autodesk Screencast:

We don't get many Linux inquiries into Product Support but I got 2 issues [above] today.


Network License Manager Error -16 + 97 Error + EZProxy

We don't get odd error messages but this one was odd....

FlexNet Licensing error:-16,287

If you look it up here, the error message is not very helpful. 

In this case the solution is noted here:


Maya LT Trial will not start. "We will be back soon" error message

Here is another antivirus issue that affects Maya LT 2015 SP3 or Maya LT 2016.  The error is:

We will be back soon

Please check out this article to solve the problem:

Thanks to Jeffry Asbury for figuring out this interesting issue!



Inventor 2016 is not activating from Plant Design Suite Ultimate 2016

After installing the Plant Design Suite Ultimate 2016, when you try to run Inventor, it will not activate correctly.  The activation error is:  License Status [2.10.0].  

The problem is that when you install the software as Plant Design Suite, Inventor will activate as Inventor Professional 2016.


Please check out this article for resolving this issue:

Thanks to the Inventor Development Team and Byron Morales for sharing this tip with the community.