General Licensing: Windows System Requirements [2016-2015] for the Network License Manager 11.12

Our latest server tools 11.12 system requirements can be found here:





How do I figure out how many seats are associated with each serial number in Autodesk Manage?

1. Log in to

2. Select your product and expand the widget to view your serial numbers:


3. Click on CONTRACTS & ORDERS, then your contract.


The Contract should show up and you can view the Seats column.


Autodesk Network License Manager has been updated to

We have just updated our Network License Tools (NLM) to  It can be downloaded here:

If you decide to upgrade, please follow this workflow:


Just a note that the 11.12 version of NLM was actually running in dual mode IPv4/IPv6 as noted in the log file so we rarely needed to swap out and use the IPv6 version of the Network Licensing Tools.

Log file from 11.12 NLM


Log file from NLM

If necessary, be prepared for this workflow for swapping out IPv4 and IPv6 Network License tools:

Maya 2015 + Standalone + Linux = Can't Automatically Activate

I recently solved a really old case last week in which Maya 2015 SP5 on Linux would not auto-activate, even though you have an internet connection.  This week, the issue came up again but in EMEA.


The solution is quite easy, you just need to run this hotfix:

If we didn't do this, we would need to manually activate Maya on Linux using the method below:

1. Run Maya and close the wizard because it can't auto-activate.
2. Go to  /tmp folder and look for the MAYA_2015_0_F_USLongCode.xml and email it to Product Support. i.e. Create a case.
3. We generate an activation code based on the xml file.
4. Launch Maya and there is a Browse button to load the activation xml file.

Cascading for Autodesk Utility Design 2015

Please check out this issue for cascading for Autodesk Utility Design 2015.  This is only an issue if you have the Autodesk Utility Design and a Suite that has Autodesk Utility Design on the same server.

Thanks to Efim Tetelman for sharing this tip with the community.

Environment Variable on the Mac + maya.env + Options files on Windows


Some key concepts are covered in this post:

  • Advanced Options File setup (LM_PROJECT) for all users in a group called AUS
  • Maya Environment Variables (maya.env)
  • Adding an Environment Variable on the Mac (10.9 - launch.conf | 10.10 - autodesk.environment.plist)

The Story...

We have this site that has setup a very sophisticated options file that uses LM_PROJECT.  A really good description of LM_PROJECT can be found here:

In this scenario, we want an Autodesk product that runs on the Mac to use the LM_PROJECT environment variable.  The LM_PROJECT environment variable is allotting a group of licenses for a group called: AUS.

If you are a Maya user, it is pretty easy to add an environment variable in Maya.  It is a matter adding it into a maya.env file and this workflow works in Windows, Mac or Linux.  What makes this story interesting is that we added a licensing environment variable (LM_PROJECT) to the maya.env.

Adding an Environment Variable for Maya on Mac [Screencast video]

The next trick is to add the LM_PROJECT to AutoCAD on the Mac.  The problem is that the maya.env only works with Maya so this means we need to add a system wide Environment Variable on the Mac.

Adding an Environment Variable for the Mac [Screencast video]



Thanks to Matt Haugen for contributing & confirming the workflow for  Mac OS 10.10 [Yosemite]. 

1. Create a plist file in /Library/LaunchAgents.i.e. autodesk.environment.plist. 
2. The contents of the plist should be similar to the following. The only variable that would change would be international to be whatever project you want to set.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
launchctl setenv LM_PROJECT international


Please install Microsoft Windows Update (KB2987107)

Please install Microsoft Windows Update (KB2987107) ASAP.  The update also solves an activation issue as well.  For more info on it, please go here: