Where is my browser download in Autodesk Accounts?

We have done some updates on the Accounts site that may hide the Browser Download of our software. We added some logic to allow other Geos to auto-detect preferred language of download automatically and hence the behavior change. For some products you'll need to specify the Platform in order to see the More options link where you can do a Browser Download.

Please check out this screencast:



Here is a link to the screencast if the embedded video doesn't work for you:

Extracting RPM using 7-Zip


In some rare instances in which you can't use the RPM command to install the Linux Network License Manager [NLM], you can actually download the file on a Windows computer and use 7-zip to open and extract it.


Autodesk Screencast:

We don't get many Linux inquiries into Product Support but I got 2 issues [above] today.


General Licensing: Windows System Requirements [2016-2015] for the Network License Manager 11.12

Our latest server tools 11.12 system requirements can be found here:





How do I figure out how many seats are associated with each serial number in Autodesk Manage?

1. Log in to

2. Select your product and expand the widget to view your serial numbers:


3. Click on CONTRACTS & ORDERS, then your contract.


The Contract should show up and you can view the Seats column.


Tip: Distributed Servers + Options Files + Cascading


We recently published some info on distributed licensing this week and we are using the Autodesk Knowledge Network (AKN) to keep them up-to-date.

For this scenario, customers were wondering why a product is going to use a particular license server in a licensing pool.  It appears to be random but it is actually just following the cascading 'rule' [order]. 

How does cascading work with a Distributed License environment?
[via Tech Guru David Dembkoski]

This one is an advanced tip for setting up an options rule, it is rarely used and there is a reference to it here (Pre-AKN).

Can I reserve a certain amount of AutoCAD licenses to a specific group of users?

Here are some helpful reference articles:

Choosing a Network License Server Model for your Autodesk Product

Installing distributed server model

Maya 2015 + Standalone + Linux = Can't Automatically Activate

I recently solved a really old case last week in which Maya 2015 SP5 on Linux would not auto-activate, even though you have an internet connection.  This week, the issue came up again but in EMEA.


The solution is quite easy, you just need to run this hotfix:

If we didn't do this, we would need to manually activate Maya on Linux using the method below:

1. Run Maya and close the wizard because it can't auto-activate.
2. Go to  /tmp folder and look for the MAYA_2015_0_F_USLongCode.xml and email it to Product Support. i.e. Create a case.
3. We generate an activation code based on the xml file.
4. Launch Maya and there is a Browse button to load the activation xml file.