Maya 2015 + Standalone + Linux = Can't Automatically Activate

I recently solved a really old case last week in which Maya 2015 SP5 on Linux would not auto-activate, even though you have an internet connection.  This week, the issue came up again but in EMEA.


The solution is quite easy, you just need to run this hotfix:

If we didn't do this, we would need to manually activate Maya on Linux using the method below:

1. Run Maya and close the wizard because it can't auto-activate.
2. Go to  /tmp folder and look for the MAYA_2015_0_F_USLongCode.xml and email it to Product Support. i.e. Create a case.
3. We generate an activation code based on the xml file.
4. Launch Maya and there is a Browse button to load the activation xml file.

Maya crashing and Preferences


I used to support Maya way back and when Maya crashes, the #1 tip is to solve the problem was to use Maya with default preferences.  The location of the Maya preferences is noted in this article.

ENHANCED TIP:  Please rename the preferences instead of deleting them!

"I would like to ask everyone to stop fully deleting preferences folders when trying to isolate an issue. If deleting preferences fixes the problem, we just lost the evidence of what caused the problem in the first place.

If there is no issue being investigated, feel free to delete them. But when investigating an issue, a better habit is to rename the preferences folder with a descriptive name. Maya will launch with default preferences after that. The renamed folder can be sent to QA/DEV by logging a case into Product Support.   We can use preserved preference files many times to discover what was original software defect/problem." via Maya QA Ryan Harvey.


Autodesk Network License Manager 11.12 and other products using Flexera licensing technology

I have noticed that when using Autodesk Network License Manager 11.12, you may need to customize OUR license files to use the non default licensing ports.

For example, when configuring Autodesk licensing service with Foundry, ArcGIS or CamWorks, Solidworks you will need to edit our license files to use a differnet port for lmgrd.exe. i.e. 27000 (default) to 27001

A sample is below:

SERVER TOR2UA13809X0 3CD92B5B4B2E 27001
VENDOR adskflex port=2080


For ArcGIS or Solidworks 2015, you also need to use the 32 bit version of the Autodesk Network License Manager.

Finally, if you are using Autodesk and Abaqus software in your company, you will need to even customize the adskflex.exe port (2080) in our license file because of the following conflict:

Abaqus CAE-port



We recently found out that Avaya software uses Flexera software for licensing and it's also 32 bit.  It's is best to use the Autodesk licensing software as 32 bit so that you can see the settings for both services and customize Autodesk products to use port 27001.



Thanks to Adam Giroux and Brad Hurley for sharing this tip with the community.

Autodesk Licensing Error Codes

You can actually check out the following Autodesk Licensing Error Codes in it's most raw form located here:

 Download:  AdlmErrorCodes
The R9 folder is for a 2015 product.  i.e. R7 = 2014
Using this file, you can determine Linux errors and it typically is a productinformation.pit file issue.  This means you need to use the rpm & adlmreg command to install the [Maya] software.

Thanks to Nelson Cruz for this tidbit of info.

Autodesk 2015 products + Network Licensing 11.11 = 0.0.0 error

To quickly upgrade your NLM, please follow the steps noted here:

To make this issue a bit more Google searchable, I have cross-referenced the error with our Autodesk Knowledge Network.


1. Get 2015 your license and configure it using your lmtools.exe [11.11].

2. Configure it and confirm that it works via Perform Status enquiry.


3. Confirm that AutoCAD 2014 can run and connect to the license server.

4. Launch AutoCAD 2015 and this error will come up [0.0.0].  This error typically means that the server is configured correctly with an Autodesk product but there is no license on the server but we have confirmed that we do indeed have a 2015 license as noted in step 2.


Moldflow 2015 will give you a generic licensing error noted below:



You need to update your Network License Manager to the latest version [11.12].

Distributed Licenses for Autodesk products

I just did a remote session using Teamviewer and I just found out that you can create distributed licenses easily!

For example, if you have 100 licenses of AutoCAD 2014 and if your license server goes down, your entire company will not be able to run AutoCAD.  You can split up your pool of licenses by using a distributed setup so that you have 2 license servers.


If the license count on the first server is 50 licenses and the second server has the other 50 licenses. This means that if one of your license servers goes down, your end users will still be able to work because you still have access to the other 50 licenses.

When you go into here to get your license:

Choose the Distributed server option and choose the # of servers to generate the license file.


This is the where you can choose the ratio of licenses to be divided up.  In our example, we need to make sure that it adds up to 100 licenses of AutoCAD. 


You can modify the deployment and change the deployment type to Distributed [Name of deployment > Tools > Create & modify a deployment] or you can add an environment variable to include the 2 license servers.


If the software is already installed, you will need to add an environment variable to your computer for the 2 servers.


General Licensing: Activating Autodesk MotionBuilder 2014 on Linux

Most part of our products is activated online automatically. In some cases you may need to manually activate your standalone license product using an activation code provided by Autodesk. When you need an activation code you usually send the request code provided by the software during the activation at launch. The request code is usually displayed on screen and it is a 32 digits alphanumeric string.


MotionBuilder 2014 on a Linux OS uses a different activation method where the activation code is not based on a request code but on an .xml file.
The XML file MOBPRO2014en_USLongCode.xml is created during installation on you filesystem's /tmp folder.
So, if you need an activation code for MotionBuilder 2014 on Linux you have to submit this xml file in order to obtain the activation file (MOBPRO2014authcode.xml), that you have to select once you have pressed the Browse button:


To request an activation code or file either point to or checkout the following article:
General Licensing: Getting an Activation Code Manually

mental ray Standalone 2013: Product registration failed: 718E1,.

If you install mental ray Standalone 2013 on Linux and you will see the following error at the very end of the installation process:


Product registration failed: 718E1,.

This is a rather confusing message that can be ignored.  The software, in fact, has been installed correctly.

Thanks to Ryan Harvey on our Maya QA team for  helping out on this post.