Network Licensing: Error [-15.570.0] A valid license could not be obtained by the network license manager


Error [-15.570.0] A valid license could not be obtained by the network license manager

Please verify the following:

  • Your license server is running.

Setting up a license server on Windows

Setting up a license server on Mac

Setting up a licensing server on Linux

  • Your firewall is not blocking TCP/IP ports your license server service is running on (the default ports are 27000-27009 and 2080).
  • You can also set up FLEXLM_TIMEOUT environment variable.
  • You may also need to install IPv6 supporting Network License Manager tools, you can download it from here.  Please check this post, Do I need IPv6 Network License Manager for Windows?

Tip: You can use Internet Explorer or Firefox to check if the ports used for licensing are open

Network Licensing: Error [0.0.0] A valid license could not be obtained by the network license manager


Error [0.0.0] A valid license could not be obtained by the network license manager.

You can try deleting CascadeInfo.cas file on your client workstation and then launch the program again.

Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\AdLM\CascadeInfo.cas

Windows 7:   


If the above doesn’t help, please verify that your network license file contains the product FLEXnet license code for the product, or the cascading product.

        2014: FLEXnet® feature codes for Autodesk products

2013: FLEXnet® feature codes for Autodesk products

2012: FLEXnet® feature codes for Autodesk products

2011: FLEXnet® feature codes for Autodesk products

2010: FLEXnet® feature codes for Autodesk products

Here is the link to the Autodesk Technical Solution, TS17532548, regarding the Understanding Cascade Licensing for Autodesk Products.

Please also verify that your license server service is running.

Setting up a license server on Windows

Setting up a license server on Mac

Setting up a licensing server on Linux


Laws: The proper way to disable IPv6

Trust me, it's easy to "de-configure" and reconfigure IPv6, just use this Microsoft Fix It tool:


We have been getting a lot of cases on this behaviour.  When you open the command prompt and type: 

ping localhost

The result is:  ::1:


Basically, you have only done 1 of 2 steps to correctly disable IPv6. i.e. Change the DisabledComponents registry value & Unbind IPv6 from a specific network adapter.  


Just check out the Microsoft Fix It tool for further details.  Trust me, it's easy...

If you want to keep IPv6 in your network, I would check out the following workflow to swap out the IPv4 Network License Tools with the IPv6 compliant Network License Tools:


Network performance issue when using SMB Ver. 2

Autodesk identified an issue when in a specific scenario, the Sheet Set Manager is using DWG files stored in a Windows 2008 R2 server with SMB V2 active.

As soon we open a Sheet Set from the server, Process Explorer shows that the process AdcomFolderWatch.dll uses until 50% CPU utilization, and the Network traffic goes up and stays at ~5 Mbps, even after closing all drawings in AutoCAD).

This issue only affects the systems having SMB Ver.2 active, like Windows 2008 Server R2.

The Autodesk development team has been informed. For the time being, the only way to avoid it is to enable SMB 1. See How to Disable SMB 2.0 on Windows Vista/2008

I will update this post as soon a fix will be available for this problem.

A fix has been released for this issue. AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2012 SP1 SMB V2 Hotfix

Network: Autodesk online services through proxy server with SecureNAT client

We have discussed the issues with proxy server and Autodesk's online cloud services here.

There were few reported issues when "secureNAT" client is in use, these services don't work even with the work around mentioned in the link.

The issue is due to the ISA Firewall service performing reverse DNS name resolution to determine whether a rule applies for every request from SecureNAT client.

If you add Akamai hosts (*. & * to the exception lists this issue could be resolved.

Complete list of sites to have an exception rule on proxy for anonymous access would be.








Mac: Licensing AutoCAD 2012 for Mac using a Windows network license [cross platform]

Using some posts in Up and Ready, we were able to confirm that Revit Architecture Suite 2012 will license AutoCAD 2012 on the Mac.


1.  Using the License Parser to confirm the contents of the file:

2.  Setting up the License Server:

3.  Confirming which license file the client is looking at:

Mac location of lmutil is at:  /usr/local/flexnetserver
Linux location of lmtil is at:  /opt/flexnetserver 

4.  Checking the Mac from my Windows computer:

Trouble with combining license files. Missing licenses or Multiple Suite licenses in the same file behavior

Please read following solutions regarding combining the Autodesk licenses files.


What if a feature is repeated twice in the license file and the licenses are issued the same day?

If two licenses contain an identical feature code of the previous versions, the order of the feature within the license file, determines which license is issued first.

o                     I.e.: PrDS-Premium 2012 and PrDS-Ultimate 2012 both contain the AcadM 2010 feature code. In the license file, when you combine the licenses make sure Premium is on top so that starting AcadM 2010 it will take the Premium license first.


AutoCAD 2012 (full) on iPad? Yes, you can.

This is just a quick post to let you know that it is possible to run several Autodesk (full) programs on the iPad. It might not be practical to use all the available features on the device but it is certainly worth to try, as an alternative to Remote Desktop.
In order to test this you will need the following:

-       An iPad (yes)
-       A Citrix XenApp (6) server with Autodesk Application published
-       The Citrix Receiver for iPad

You can find the current Citrix Ready Autodesk Applications here
The Citrix Receiver for iPad is available free on the iTunes AppStore (search Citrix).

1.Autodesk, Citrix Receiver, iPad 

2.Autodesk, iPad, Citrix, Autodesk Citrix Ready, AutoCAD 

3.Autodesk, iPad, Citrix, AutoCAD, 3dmodeling, 2012 


4.iPad, Citrix, AutoCAD 2012, Render 


5.iPad, Citrix, AutoCAD, Render, Keyboard 


6. iPad, Citrix, AutoCAD Exchange, 2012 

General Licensing: Using Internet Explorer to check if the ports used for licensing are open.

Sometimes it is difficult to check if the required ports are open to the license server from the client computer and you are not sure if the licensing service has started on the server.  You can do this quick test using the Microsoft Internet Explorer. Type the following into the browser:



NOTE:  Replace your-server-name with your actual server name.

The default port values are below:

2080      -> adskflex port

27000    -> lmgrd port

Result in the URL should be should be similar to the following:


If you get no response or unable to connect message, it means the license service is either not running or there is a firewall blocking the communication to the port.

NOTE:  This will not work in Chrome or Safari.

See also: