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Arie van Dalen

The License Manager offers you a GUI to generate and maintain the license option file.


Jimmy Bergmark - JTB World

I got the following question and was wondering if you guys could give a correct reply on how it works.

Scenario 1…assume the following licenses….
10 Revit MEP Suites
2 Navis Manage
2 Building Design Suite Ultimate (contains Revit MEP Suite & Navis Manage)
All the above users are “installed” with the stand alone packages and not the bundle (the installs are not bound to the Bundle license number)
10 Users start AutoCAD MEP and pull 9 of the Revit MEP Suite licenses
2 of those 10 users start Navis Manage and pull ALL the Navis Manage licenses
2 more of those 10 users start Navis Manage and I assume license cascading will then pull 2 Building Design Suite Ultimate licenses (is this correct?)
We now have 10 concurrent AutoCAD MEP users using 4 Navis Manage licenses.
2 more users attempt to start AutoCAD MEP but are denied because the “Bundle” license is used up with 2 of the Navis users. (is this correct?)
If this is correct, this means that I should be able to have 12 concurrent AutoCAD MEP users, 4 of which are using Navis concurrently, but I’m actually short 2 AutoCAD MEP licenses with a Max of 10 concurrent.
On the other hand, if we have 12 users all start AutoCAD MEP before anyone starts Navis, all 12 users will be able to run AutoCAD MEP, then 4 users will be able to run Navis Manage with license cascading only if 2 of those users happen to also be pulling the bundle license. If they are not getting their AutoCAD MEP from the “Bundle” license, they will be denied of the 2 non-bundle Navis licenses are taken.
This make sense? Is this how this would work?

Scenario 2…
10 Revit MEP Suites
2 Navis Manage
2 Building Design Suite Ultimate (contains Revit MEP Suite & Navis Manage)
Assume ALL licenses are installed with the Bundle.
Will license cascading allow 12 concurrent AutoCAD MEP sessions or will it only allow 2 because Cascading is unidirectional?

Jimmy Bergmark
JTB World

Antonio Barroca

Hi Jimmy

which product version you refer to?

Antonio Barroca

Jimmy Bergmark - JTB World

It is for the 2012 versions.

Antonio Barroca

Hi Jimmy,
for the Scenario 1, the behavior is correct.
You will be able to run 12 AutoCAD MEP together with 4 Navis Manage, only if two MEP 2012 are running in the same machines where Navis Manage is using a BDSU license. Is how it works.
Because MEP 2012 cascade and belongs to the BDSU, if a BDSU license is already in the machine, MEP will use it. This behavior is shown in the LMTOOLS tab “Server Diags” the correspondent product code shows “Requests from the same USER/HOST do not consume a new license”.

For the Scenario 2, even if the products are installed with the Bundle product key, they will cascade as described in the technical solution 2012: Cascading Sequences for Autodesk Products.
You will be able to run 12 MEP in this scenario as well.

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