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Alex Diaz


As an IT/CAD Administrator I am always looking for ways to install any software silently. Few days ago I needed a way to create silent installs for the Revit 2011 extensions (we have not moved to 2012 yet) and I found a workaround. I posted the steps here for anyone looking to do the same.


I forgot to add the last step. Once you have all the extracted files and the response (.ISS) file in the same folder, to silently install the extension you run:

setup.exe -s setup.iss


David Lau

Thanks for sharing this with the community.

Alex Diaz

You’re welcome.

Alternatively to the solution above for the 2012 extensions, if you do have a mixed OS environment (32 and 64 bit) and using a software distribution product like SMS or SCCM you can extract the 2012 extension package then use this command line in your program to install the extension:

Setup.exe /qn /I Setup.ini


Alex Diaz

Sorry the silent switch should be /qb

The command line will be:

Setup.exe /qb /I Setup.ini

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