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Downloading Software: Browser Download vs Download Manager

We have been getting a lot of posts in our forums regarding corrupt installations and downloads.  My suggestion is to use Firefox and the Browser Download instead of using the Download Manager.

In the Subscription Center, just click on the appropriate button.


If you are downloading a Trial version, just cancel out of the automatic installation of the Download Manager and you will be able to see the download using the browser option on the webpage.


If you are using the Download Manager, the downloaded Autodesk software packages are located here:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Akamai\Cache

Thanks to Travis Nave for this suggestion.


There has been some Community Activity to use this 3rd party tool.  We don't support it but it appears to work.

Instead of your normal download options, you will get this option to add it to the Download Manager and the progress bar will look like this:


Thanks to Colin Bradshaw for this tip.

Epilogue II

Additional info can be found at this post:

Thanks to Doug Lauritsen for this tip.

Epilogue III

Here is a demo of the process to not choose the Download Manager in Firefox:

Video:  Download-Akamai-bypass



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This did not work still stops at 8k.

David Lau

There is a problem with your internet connection. Also try downloading at a less busier time instead of night, try the day or vice versa. 8K is basically means the download hasn't even started.

Also try downloading at a different location (friend) if possible but definitely use a different ISP provider. i.e. Cable vs DSL.


We use Free Download Manager to download files from different Autodesk website (ADN, Subscription, etc.). It works very well. It's a good tools.


I need a contract number in order to use the subscription center, which I don't have. Therefore, this appears not useful.

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