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I vote for this! I didn't know Smoke already had it. I also wish that the license manager gets a .dmg installer again like the 11.7 version.

By the way the linked Readme HTML page doesn't work in Firefox.
I'd also like to point out that AutoCAD for Mac is not available as a NLM version yet :)

David Lau

AutoCAD 2012 has a NLM version now! That html page is really weird. I agree that the html doesn't work in Firefox. It does in Internet Explorer and Chrome.


Oh great with the new NLM version! I should have used Autodesk.com for fact checking from the start :)
Yes I've used IE to decode that mess of a page before. That's all it's good for... ;)


I've finally cracked it. Firefox: View > Character Encoding > Unicode (UTF-16)

Now it works. I guess this should be in the header of the HTML file.

David Lau

Thanks..I am working with someone that maybe able to fix it.

Robin Beales

UI for Mac NLM? Yes please :-)


Would love a UI for Maya Server on Mac

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