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This one is hard to explain so I am going to include some screen shots.  AutoCAD Mechanical 2011 looks fine but AutoCAD Mechanical 2012 doesn't and has some missing User Interface elements.

AutoCAD Mechanical 2011


AutoCAD Mechanical 2012

NOTE:  When you try to resize AutoCAD, the "A" menu also lags on the desktop.  The resolution of the laptop was set at 1900 x 1200.

Acad-2012-doesn't work

The basic troubleshooting steps that we tried included the following:

1. We reset AutoCAD by deleting registry keys and files as noted in this solution:

NOTE:  We had to extrapolate the registry keys for 2012.

2.  We updated and used the default settings in the Adaptive Degradation and Performance Tuning Dialog Box.

3. We also used a saved Default profile (.arg) on a vanilla install of AutoCAD.

In the end, there were 2 solutions:

1.  We used a Windows 7 theme that didn't use Windows Aero.


2.  If you revert back to a Windows Aero theme, we changed the Text size to 100% or 125%.  In this case, the problem was caused because it was set at 150%.


Thanks to Jonathan Schmid for confirming that this solution worked.


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