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Thanks for posting about this. I submitted a trouble ticket to Autodesk back in February but those guys couldn't even begin to get a grasp on troubleshooting the problem.

Antonio Barroca

Hi Madmarv,

I’m sad to know that you have reported a similar issue and you did not receive any answer from us.
I was trying to check the status of your case, but unfortunately I've not been able to identify any report from you about a similar problem.
Can you provide to me the case ID?


Wouter de Mna

This issue was also reported by me, back in December 2010. The issue exists in AutoCAD 2010, 2011 and also 2012. And it is really simpel to reproduce.

Autodesk's answer to just downgrade to SMB v1 is of course not possible for some companies (like us), because we benefit greatly from this new protocol version.

SMB v2 was already around in Windows Server 2008, which is on market for a long period.

They also stated that no other company reported this issue (which seems kind of strange as we have a pretty standard setup).

The main response from Autodesk support (Antonio) was that they didn't know when a fix would be available, if a fix would be available and if that would be in a new product release (AutoCAD 2013) or with a Service Pack.

After trying to escalate this issue via our reseller 3 times, they finnaly got someone on the phone who (hopefully) takes customer satisfaction and bugs in their software more serieusly.


We've been dealing with this issue since mid 2010. We really started noticing high network usage with our new Win 7 clients. We searched and searched for a possible explanation, and spent quite a bit of time on this. It would have been nice for Autodesk to acknowledge the issue sooner.

When can we expect a fix for this?

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