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Great information. Thanks for posting.

Greg Hale

Our site includes Revit Architecture, AutoCAD Architecture, BDS Premium
, and BDS Ultimate licenses. What is going to be the best way to make deployments for 2013 to get these to cascade efficiently? All licenses are networked. We'll also be maintaining older versions of each software.

David Lau


On the Revit side of things, you will need to create 2 deployments Revit Architecture and Revit [One Box] in the BDSP/BDSU.


Revit 2013 will cascade up to BDSP/BDSU.


Please check the note in 4th paragraph about BDSP/BDSU licensing as well.


I have 7 license servers on a distributed server setup. On these servers are 55 Autocad Revit MEP Suite licenses and 1 BDS Premium license.

The server that has the 1 BDS license also has 22 AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite licenses. I have found that the BDS license is always in use by either AutoCAD MEP or Revit MEP when there are still licenses available from the AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite. All of the AutoCAD MEP and Revit MEP installations are based on the AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite and none are based on Revit Onebox.

Any idea why the BDS license would always be taken when there are lower level licenses available?

David Lau

Are you running 2011 version of the software? There are some known issues.


same problem here :
We have in total 83 2013 network licence seats on one LM server to update on 100 computers :

_ALL computers must have ACAD 2013 or ACAD LT 2013 (Drafters/Engineers)
_ALL computers must have 3DS Max Design 2013 to be used as Render Farm (no licence)
_2 Computers must have Civil 3D 2013
_5 Computers must have Navisworks Simulate 2013
_3 Computers must have Navisworks Manage 2013
_5 Computers must have Revit Arch 2013 _15 Computers must have Revit Structure + ASD 2013
_3 Computer must have Revit One Box + 3DsMax Design 2013 (licensed)

All Istalled Programs MUST take the lowest level licence BEFORE picking it in a higher pool (somebody opening ACAD sould never use a BDS licence unles ALL other ACAD, REVIT,... licences are in already use)

David Lau

All the 2013 versions should cascade based on this technical solution:


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