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How would a commercial version of AutoCAD 2007 play with an educational version of Inventor 2013? Would the commercial version of AutoCAD become educational?

David Lau

I am assuming you are going to talk about Inventor 2013 Suite because it would include a flavor of AutoCAD.

To be honest, I don't know....

*But going on a hunch, the edu plot stamp will be in the file regardless of version used to open the file.

*From what I recall, the .dwg file format is not version specific. It is backwards compatible but not forward compatible. i.e. 2013 can open a 2007 file but a 2007 will not be able to open a 2013 file.

*Inventor files are version specific.

Anything with an *asterisk is a very educated guess. A final note, we only support the current version of the software and 3 versions back.

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