Autodesk Design Review 2012: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86/x64 Redistributable
Inventor Family: An Autodesk product failed to send the required value for SERIALNUM.

General Licensing: Getting an Activation Code Manually

In some instances, you will need to activate your product manually.  In order to get to this stage, you will need to:

1.  Try to activate the product automatically following the wizard.
2.  Close the wizard and try to Activate again and choose "I have an activation code from Autodesk".
3.  Gather the following information:  Product, Serial Number, Product Key, Request Code.
4.  You should be able to run the product for 30 days while you are waiting for the Activation Code.
5.  You will then contact the Registration and Activation Team and  provide them the following information:  Product, Serial Number, Product Key, Request Code and they will email you an activation code.

Here is the process to get the required information (steps 1-5):   

Video:    Manual-Activation

If you have Subscription, log a case and submit all the information noted in the wizard.

Serial Number:
Product Key:
Request Code:

You can also call the following number:
1-866-681-4359 - Option 1 (English) -  Option 1

You can request an Activation Code online via an online chat.  The instructions are here:

Select the options noted in the Screencast:




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Darin Green

David, you may want to check the video posted because the serial number shows at 00:15 seconds into the video...

David Lau

Thanks..I have fixed and updated the video.

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