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Chris Egbert

My name is Chris Egbert and I have been working with autodesk for the past couple of months trying to get an issue resolved. I purchased AutoCAD LT 2013 and was having issues. We went through several trials and test and they finaly sent me a link to unistall what I had purchased and reinstall CAD via the internet. They sent me AutoCAD 2013 and I am needing a Serial number and Product key as the ones I have do not work. The case number that Alison Gangler gave me for this is 07769966. Thanks for your help.

David Lau

I have asked Alison to follow with the case. Thanks for your patience.

Chris Egbert

If a phone call would work faster we could do that. I just need this issue solved as quickly as possible. Time is money in this situation for me. My Job Depends on having Auto CAD up and running properly.

Chris Egbert

I do not have all day to sit and wait for this chat to happen. I would appreciate a phone conversation because then I would know that things were progressing. I purchased a piece of software, that is not cheap, and it's not working properly. I get paid to work in CAD and need it up and running TODAY. If we could please get this resolved that would be great.

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