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Error 1606. Could not access network location en-US.

Computers and software are very complex creatures.  Often, if you use Google to search for an error, you may find a nugget of information.  Sometimes, it is the answer but more often it is not.  For example, if you search for the following error/symptom:

Error 1606.  Could not access network location en-US.


The result will point you to the following Autodesk solutions and they will not apply in this scenario.




In this case, the history of getting to this error/symptom is important. During the installation of the software, the computer was turned off.   It was a 3rd party tool that 'automatically' shut down the computer to save power.   This process corrupted the installation of Autodesk software on this computer.   It was stating that the software was installed but it actually was not so I sent the customer this tip and it solved the problem.

When we tried to re-install AutoCAD MEP, the 1606 error came up.   One very resourceful customer sent me the following workflow to solve this new problem.

  1. Cleaned registry with the AVG PC Tune Up Tool [It is a free trial for 1 day but fully functional].
    • Ran the registry cleaner function.
    • Ran the compress registry function.
  2. Ran the Microsoft Fix It Tool one more time to make sure that there were no issues.   AutoCAD MEP was not detected, so the registry was clean.
  3. Re-installed the Autodesk software and it installed as expected.

I would like to thank the resourceful Ryan Trindad for sharing this tip with the community.


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Microsoft Fix It was what I need to fix my problem. The old AutoCad LT 2013 programs was never totally uninstall.

MS Fix It was able to remove all of the files.

David Lau

I love this tool. I use it all the time!

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