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Inventor Fusion 2013: Error No license available.

You opened Inventor Fusion 2013 which was working fine, but all of the sadden you see following licensing error.


Runtime Error! Please repair or reinstall the program.
No license available.  License does not exist or has expired.

You have tried reinstalling Inventor Fusion 2013, but the licensing error still persists.

To resolve this issue you need to install Inventor Fusion 2013 R1 from Simulation CFD 2014 installer.

Thanks to Catalin Sultanovici for confirming the solution of this issue.


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Dan Margulius

If the customer does not have CFD 2014, how one can get a hold of R1 ?

Avto Chachava

Unfortunately, we do not have a separate installer available for Inventor Fusion 2013 R1. We received a couple of cases regarding the above mentioned error and in both cases customers had CFD 2014 subscription support. If the customer doesn’t have CFD 2014, have then log a Support Request with Autodesk.

Inventor Fusion 2013 is free software and doesn’t need a license. Thus it is very odd to see this error. It appears that the licensing error is coming from PTC Creo part file when it is opened in Fusion 2013.

Michele Rossi

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