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I don't get the list of possible plug-ins and the deployment keeps failing on the installation of the plug-ins.

David Lau

I noticed that the exporters only show up in Building Design Suite Ultimate 2014 or the Navisworks 2014 install. Please download Navisworks 2014 from the virtual agent (#3):


I will follow up with the Building Design Suite team as well.

David Lau

Ok. I figured it out. The Premium Suite has only Navisworks Simulate. The Ultimate Suite has Navisworks Manage. The exporters are only in "Manage". The installers for both the Ultimate and Manage have the exporters. I am hacking the setup.ini to see if I can get the installer to work (include) the Exporters in the Premium Suite.

Mike furlong

I also have the Ultimate Suite. I have the Navisworks exporter loaded for Revit 2014, but no "Add In" tool bar exists in Revit to export an NWC file. Any ideas?

Kathryn Langan

Hey Mike,

Try going into Control Panel > Programs and Features > Navisworks 2014 - 64 bit Explorer Plug-ins > Add or Remove Features again, and clear the Revit 2014 checkbox. Click Update.
Then go back into the dialog, check the box for Revit 2014 and click Update.
Does that help?

Thomas Esamie

Kathryn's suggestion worked for me.. although it was a bit weird in that I unticked the box.. and when I went back in to re-instate the plugin it was still ticked.

So I unticked it again... thinking I had goofed and updated once more.

When the tick was *still* there the next time I just left it there and updated and the NWC export option was there.

Simple really. *cough*


Just had a customer with the same issue. Like Thomas said, Kathryn's solution worked. Thanks!

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