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Autodesk Factory Design Suite + Standalone + Factory Design Utilities

Just an FYI, the licensing behavior when you are activating your standalone copy of an Autodesk Suite is: Activate one of the products in your Suite and it will auto-activate all the products in the Suite.


If you have a Standalone version of the Autodesk Factory Design Suite and you activate one of the products, i.e AutoCAD, it should activate all the other products in that Suite except for Autodesk® Factory Design Utilities.

You will need to manually request an activation code for that product [Autodesk® Factory Design Utilities] using the serial number and product key from the Factory Design Suite.  


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Hi David,

Kindly advice since from the previous issue encountered by user:

The factory utilities for example creating a new factory layout in Inventor it asks me to activate the Factory Design Suite Utilities Product Key "P03F1"

Since the product key is totally different from the suite but automated.

Is there any workaround for the issue ?


David Lau

I think 'manually' activate it. It may not 'auto-activate".

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