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Travis Nave

Gentlemen, I pulled from 11.7 after I noticed 11.11 was not working. Subsequently, 11.12 does work, but on first initial testing I was able to get it to work from 11.7 before upgrading. FYI.

David Lau

You are rockstar Travis.

michael z

Great help. Thanks for the notice. I just installed Autocad 2015 and it required the NLM v 11.12.

BTW, the Network license manager included with the Autocad 2015 installation is version 11.12. It is found in the following subfolder "AutoCAD_2015_English_Win_64bit_dlm\x64\en-us\Tools\NLM"


Thanks for sharing this. However, I wasn't aware of your blog, and searching for licensing issues & the error code found in the ADMS didn't return this post as a result. I spent a solid 5 hours over the weekend troubleshooting VM network configurations & license issues, reinstalling this & that, so realize by myself there was a later version of NLM. This kind of information NEEDS to be in the products README files, as well as on this blog. what a chronic was of my weekend.

David Lau

I have been thinking about this and I am going to suggest to add a note on the Subscription home page after you login.


Good call. But sometimes, the people installing the software aren't the ones downloading it. If people don't read the readme file to check for installation information, then it's their fault.

Why does LMTOOLS report that the license file is being read fine, when in fact it's not? If it threw an error, then people wouldn't spend time troubleshooting in other areas.

David Lau

We are preparing a way to get the news ASAP out to the community. In summary, forums, blogs, Autodesk Network Manager, and finally Subscription Center. I just tested it myself and there is a 0.0.0 error when using AutoCAD 2015 with a 11.11 licensing tools. I am going to post that ASAP so that the error can be searched via Google.


There was no error that I could see in LMTOOLS for Vault 2015 licenses.... Please note that 2014 ADMS won't read a license from V11.12. So if CAD Managers upgrade to V11.12 to start testing 2015 CAD applications, then they will need to upgrade the ADMS to 2015 as well. I will update my Blog post here about that. http://designandmotion.net/autodesk/vault/autodesk-vault-2015-licensingerror-319-20/


Hey David, could you have somebody un-break the download links to the Windows and Mac IPv4 versions please? "Ooooops!" :)

David Lau

The Vault team just tested it and it appears to work. Can you double check version by checking out this image...


David Lau

This links have been re-instated but some appear to have no content. I have alerted the AKN team.




aaaaaand.... now of course ADMS 2014 is quite happy to get a license from LMTools v11.12. Stupid program. At least it works.... for now. Cheers.

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