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Mike Burke

"IMPORTANT: If you change a parameter in the options file, you need to Stop & Start the server via the Stop/Start/Reread tab."

I disagree with this statement. Using the Reread option is all that is required and works for me everytime.

I used to use the Stop & Start option before attending (many, many, many years ago now) a AU class on Licenses Servers by Nate Bartley and Jerry Milana. They explicitly said to never use Stop & Start. I have heeded this advice ever since and it has never been a problem for me.

Using Stop & Start could affect users access to the licenses when using this option. You also need administrator rights to be able to restart the service. If you don't have the rights, you're in big trouble.

David Lau

Thanks for the tip. I have had much more success starting and stopping the server.

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