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Why does it matter which account the SCCM deployed with? Wouldn't it be the secondary installer's job to create the new user profile with the C3D.cuix? The C3D.cuix does exist in the UserData Cache, it just doesn't seem to be copied to the new profile when created. Installing w/o SCCM, this doesn't seem to be a problem. Is there something we can do to make the secondary installer work correctly when using SCCM? Having a log-in script to do what the secondary installer does seems a little cumbersome.


David Lau

It is a problem with Autodesk Civil 3D 2015 and not SCCM. In fact, if you have 5 users on the SAME computer and 1 of them installed it, the 4 users on the computer will have this problem. It is user profile related.

Jeremy N.

Just came across this same deal at a college lab this morning. Wish I would have seen this before.

Does this also fix the associated profile for "C3D_Imperial" ? When it was broke it said it was looking for Main Customizatin file (C3D.cuix) in C:\Users\%username%\appdata\roaming\autodesk\c3d 2015\enu\support\c3d\acetmain

Which is not a valid location by the way. Should be = C:\Users\%username%\appdata\roaming\autodesk\c3d 2015\enu\support\c3d

David Lau

I am pretty sure that the path is C:\Users\\appdata\roaming\autodesk\c3d 2015\enu\support\c3d. %username% may not work. Luckily at Autodesk University, the accounts had the same name. i.e. AU-Experts


This has been a problem since Civil3D 2011 at least, how is this still not fixed in the installer?


We've run into an issue with this fix...
When installing Storm & Sanitary Analysis, it does not look like the PDF Report Writer is being installed. Is there a way to install this print driver by itself so we can generate the reports from SSA?
Thank you

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