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Gordon Price

David, will UR6 eventually be added to the Knowledge Network?
Or is what we see with UR6 a new way of doing things that will be continued?
My vote is for keeping things current on KN. ;) It's nice to have one place to look to see current update status.

Gordon Price

David, an additional question regarding integrating URs into a deployment. It seems that the integration process allows you to slipstream the non Subscription UR5 after slipstreaming R2/UR4. Is there any way to back out of this, or is the Deployment damaged beyond repair at this point, and needs to be rebuilt from scratch, making sure to use the Subscription UR6 after R2/UR4?

David Lau

The R2 UR6 will show up in the AKN shortly. It takes a bit of time.

David Lau

I would rebuild the deployment after any of those updates. The reason is that UR (Update Release) is a full install afterwards. You will notice that AutoCAD Service Packs can be 'uninstalled'. i.e. Uninstall AutoCAD 2015 SP2 and you should get AutoCAD 2015 (base) or AutoCAD 2015 SP1.


Gordon Price

Thanks David. I figured it was beyond repair. I did notice that manually installing non Subscription UR5 over R2/UR4 would return a 0, indicating success, but not actually install. As a double barreled wish list request, it would be great if...
1: Slipstreaming the UR did a prerequisite check and wouldn't allow you to slipstream a non Sub UR over a Deployment that already had R2. There is a LOT of work invested/rework required in the Deployment, not to mention the implications of a changing Install GUID, that would be better off avoided. And...
2: The MSP in the standalone installer does do a prereq check, but when it fails that check it would be nice if it came back with a meaningful error code, rather than a 0 suggesting that one has the right UR and it installed correctly. That erroneous "success" makes troubleshooting hard.

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