Maya crashing and Preferences
Configure Revit 2014 + Globe Link Addon + Google Earth

TIP: Optimizing performance for Mobile Workstations [laptops] + Desktops + Drivers


Autodesk products work best with the Professional GPUs (Graphics Processor Unit). There are some instances in which you can get adequate performance on Consumer GPUs but be prepared from some drawbacks. i.e. intermittent crashing, display issues, etc.

Nvidia Geforce (Consumer CPU)  vs   Nvidia Quadro (Professional GPU)
AMD Radeon (Consumer GPU)    vs   AMD FirePro (Professional GPU)

We often will use the following sites to show you what we have officially tested our software on:

Some notable articles for each graphics vendor is noted below:


800px-AMD_Logo.svg  via Zarchary Travis (AutoCAD guru)


When re-installing a video driver, I prefer this old school method:



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