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Troubleshoot startup and network issues with Autodesk products using Fiddler

Folder Redirection,Roaming Profile Autodesk Install/Startup Error 1606 and 1317


Unable to Install or launch Autodesk applications while using redirected use profile  folders.

Common errors include

Error 1606 "Could not access network location"

Error 1317: An error occurred while attempting to create the directory.

Error 1325 - 'Documents' is not a valid short file name"


If you use folder redirection instead of roaming profile setup, some of the Installer functionality would fail, mainly due to Permission issues.


Please use the following solutions to fix the immediate issue.

Root cause and Solution:

Microsoft recommends following method to Deploy Roaming User Profiles.

When folder redirection is used, some of functionality within windows installer might fail due to permission issue.

for e.g.Disk cost calculation on the folder share on the network. \\server\sharename\%username%. If User wouldn't have read permission on \\server\sharename, installer could fail.

If the roaming profile is setup properly without folder redirection, user profile would be transparent to Windows applications.


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